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‘Going vegan helped me beat Crohn’s Disease’

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FOR 26 years, Joe Cox suffered from crippling Crohn’s disease and was taking 20 pills a day to ease the pain.

The economics teacher from South Croydon  was following a low-fibre diet on a doctor’s advice.

But when this failed to ease the symptoms, the Avondale Road resident took drastic action and decide to cut meat out of his diet.

Two years ago, the 45-year-old joined Britain’s 600,000-strong band of vegans, after a friend suggested the change could improve his health

Since then, Joe hasn’t looked back and is now a strong advocate of the vegan way.

He told the Advertiser: “It’s literally as though I don’t have Crohn’s disease now. What it has done for my life is amazing. It was the only way I could survive. Crohn’s disease is crippling when it flares up, and I had already lost a huge amount of my gut to the surgery.”

When he was avoiding fibre, Joe could not eat wholegrain cereals and steered clear of most fruit and vegetables.

He said his friends and family were appalled by what he ate as he used meat as a substitute for healthy food.

Joe, who teaches at a school in east London, was also taking about 20 pills a day, including a chemotherapy drug, and had undergone three operations to remove damaged parts of his intestine.

The medications were so toxic that he had to have blood tests every month to check his liver was not being damaged.

Now, as a vegan, he has not taken any medication for a year and is free of symptoms.

He said: “I do like the taste of meat, but I don’t miss it because there are so many excellent substitutes around. The thought of eating meat now seems disgusting to me. It has all those veins and tendons in it. It’s all slimy.”

Joe says that, based on his experience, he would recommend a vegan diet to others.

However, National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease spokeswoman Sarah Rogers said: “It’s fantastic that a vegan diet has helped this gentleman.

“We would urge people with Crohn’s to speak to their gastroenterologist before making any significant changes to their diet or medication.”

Courtesy of This is Croydon Today


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